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  • Why should I add Alpaca fertilizer to my garden?
    Alpaca manure is one of the best natural soil additives. It is bean-shaped with a dense structure that improves the soil texture and it increases the soil’s water holding capacities. It will improve and boost your soil fertility and the overall health of your plants. Additionally, the low nitrogen content will not burn plants.
  • How do I add alpaca fertilizer to my garden?
    When using alpaca manure, you can spread the bean-shaped fertilizer directly onto your garden beds. Once you water your plants or it rains, the fertilizer will start to break down into your garden giving it those extra nutrients. This results in a time-released fertilizer that does not wash away.
  • Do people eat alpacas?
    Although some people eat alpacas, at Landalynn Acres they are not consumption animals. We treat our alpacas very well and only use products from them that can be used without harming these beautiful creatures (fiber and poop).
  • How is alpaca fiber different than sheep's wool?
    Alpaca fiber is completely hollow, whereas sheep's wool is only partially hollow. Hollow fiber increases thermal capacity, making alpaca fiber not only lighter, but warmer too. As an added bonus, alpaca fiber is also hypoallergenic.
  • How can I schedule a farm visit to see the Alpacas?
    You can contact us directly via Landalynn Acres on Facebook, with your contact information, and we will reach out to you for scheduling.
  • Is an alpaca the same as a llama?
    Size: Both are camelids but they are not the same. Alpacas are shorter 42-46 inches tall and smaller, 100 to 175 # vs the larger llamas which range from 34 to 36 inches tall and weigh between 200 and 350#. Personality: Alpacas tend to be shy and gently, and enjoy the company of their herd while Llamas are confident and comfortable being solitary. Ears: Alpacas have short spear shaped ears while llamas have longer banana shaped ears. Fiber: Alpacas have a much finer, crimped fleece compared to llamas and produce more of it due to the density. Alpacas have a greater range of colors than llamas do. Face: alpacas have a shorter face than llamas who resemble a camel from the side.
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